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Meetup Language Groups

You may want to locate a group from to find people in your area with a common interest in specific languages. I have listed the current active meetup groups dealing with languages on this page. If you are a business and would like to be a sponsor of this site or you find any bad links or new useful links then please contact us from the appropriate address on our How To Contact Us webpage.

Afrikaans Language
Albanian Language
Amharic Language
Arabic Language
Assyrian Language
Belarussian Language
Bengali Language
Bosnian Language
Bulgarian Language
Cantonese Language
Catalan Language
Cherokee Language
Chinese Language & Culture
Croatian Language
Cymraeg Language
Czech Language
Danish Language
Dutch Language
English as a Second Language
Farsi Language
Finnish Language
French Language
Gaelic Language
Galician Language
German Language
Greek Language
Gujarati Language
Hawaiian Language
Hebrew Language
Hindi Language
Hungarian Language
Indonesian Language
Irish Language
Italian Language
Japanese Language and Culture
Korean Language
Latin Language
Lithuanian Language
Macedonian Language
Malayalam Language
Marathi Language
Navajo Language
Polish Language
Portuguese Language
Punjabi Language
Romanian Language
Russian Language
Scandinavian Languages
Serbian Language
Shanghainese Language
Slovak Language
Somali Language
Spanish Language
Tagalog Language
Taiwanese Language
Tamazight Language
Thai Language and Culture
Turkish Language
Ukrainian Language
Urdu Language
Vietnamese Language
Visaya Language
Yiddish Language
Yoruba Language

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