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Monolingual Dictionaries and Glossaries

These online dictionaries are not for translating between languages. They are monolingual and contain definitions of the words within the specific language of the dictionary. You can find English Monlingual Dictionaries on our English Dictionaries web page or you can find translating dictionaries on our Online Dictionaries and Translators web page. If you should find any additional monolingual dictionaries to add to this site then please visit our How To Contact Us webpage.

Basque: Harluxet Hiztegi Entziklopedikoa
Catalan: Gran Diccionari de la Llengua Catalana
Danish: Den Danske Netordbog
Estonian: V?ke murdes?astik
French: Grand Dictionnaire Terminologique
French: Le Tr?or de la Langue Fran?ise Informatis?/A>
French: ARTFL dictionary collection
French: Le Dictionnaire
German: Wortschatz Deutsch
German: Schlauweb
Irish Gaelic: An Focl?r Beag
Italian: Garzanti Linguistica
Maori: Maori Dictionary
Marathi: Marathi Wordnet
Northern Sotho: Pukunt?utlhalo?i ya Sesotho sa Leboa
Norwegian: Bokmlsordboka og Nynorskordboka
Polish: Omina
Portuguese: Dicion?io de L?gua Portuguesa On-line
Portuguese: Michaelis - Moderno Dicion?io da L?gua Portuguesa
Sardinian: Ditzion?iu de sa limba sarda
Spanish: diccionarios de
Swedish: Svenska Akademiens ordbok - SAOB

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